TV Tuesday: Obsession 31

I am a HUGE fan of a good horror film. Making yourself scared and creeped out  by immersing yourself into a story about ghosts, demons or creepy dolls, is a night well spent. Lets face it, you can’t watch a horror during the day because what ghost ever attacks when the room is well lit.

I stumbled across a new TV show on BBC 3 over the weekend called The Fear. It is perfect. It lets you watch 4 short horror films made by amateur film makers and the people in the audience rate each ones scariness. The top 3 at the end of the series will be put forward to the director of the Blair witch project.

This show has everything a good horror fanatic needs jump scares, tense music and a group of Satans babies.

Tasha x


Music Monday: Obsession 30

In my attempt to be more focused on this blog, I have decided to do some daily blogging. So brace yourself as the *blogging intensifies*.

It is very hard to find an single album where you can play through all the tracks and not feel the need to skip one. It is even harder to find an album like this, that you can replay over and over again for 4 weeks straight. This for me has only happened twice before once with the Taylor Swift 1989 album and second with the Melanie Martinez album Cry Baby.

I was looking for a new album to listen to as I have been on quite a few train journeys lately and I was becoming bored with my current spotify playlist. This is when I found, from a friends recommendation, twenty one pilots. Their music is not what I expected and I fell in love with blurry face almost instantly. I have had it on repeat for my journeys too work, whilst internet browsing and my train journeys now for 2 weeks and I still love every song. They are so unique and their sound is great, and I am genuinely disappointed that I didn’t experience them sooner. My favourite songs personally are The Judge and Stressed Out. I have bought concert tickets and downloaded their earlier albums. Now I just need to tumblr the members and I will be official Twenty One Pilots Trash.

Tasha x

I’m Back

Hello Internet

Sorry I have been watching way too many Dan is not on fire videos lately.

Not that I believe I have people on here that missed my presence as I haven’t made a post in like 6 months but I hope if I type this, I will stick too it. I loved writing blog posts as a way to express my overwhelming love for things and I have decided I need to stop being so lazy and carry on. I have missed writing on this blog and feel I could really use it to be more social, without leaving my bed which is also a bonus.

Just a small update from over the past few months. I have leveled up on growing up as I now have a full time job. This is however only for my placement year, for my university course so I will be back to wasting my time and ruining my life next September (yaaaay), only it will be at a constant higher stress level as it will be the dreaded DISSERTATION year ahhhh. It has been going well so far and I really hope it will bring out a bit of confidence in me by the time I leave.

So yeah, here is to third time lucky and I really hope I stick with it constantly as sharing my feelings and opinions on the things I love is great fun and something that is restricted in my very minimalist social life.

Tasha x

March favourites

1) soap and glory archery – I have Ben after a new eyebrow pencil for a while and thought I would try this as I have heard many good reviews. It definitely lives up to the positivity and is the best product I have ever used for my brows.

2) tangle teezer brush – this is something else I have been looking at for a while but it always seemed expensive for a brush however since my hairdresser used it at my last visit, I was sold. It is a dream and brushed those knots out instantly and my hair has been a big knotted nightmare at the moment so it is definitely worth the money.

3) real techniques sponge – every body seems to use this so I gave into the hype a bought one. The application and coverage it helps provide is amazing and really helps in areas such as the eyes where brushes just don’t give that flawless coverage you aim for.

4) zoella fizz bar – These have been sold out everywhere I have looked before so when I finally found one in stock I had to buy it. I knew I would like it as I loved the scent of the body mist and you can never beat a good soak in the bath with a bath bomb so I was very excited to finally give it go.

5) body shop cleansing brush – my mum got me this and it is so soft and so effective at removing make-up and cleansing all of your face that I don’t really know how I cleansed before I got one.

6) selfie stick – this is a last minute extra as my nana got me it for Easter but I love it. It is so much fun and makes those family day trip selfies or girls night out selfies so much easier.



Motivation Monday

childhood I read something similar to this a few weeks ago then wen I heard it again during a Dianna Agron interview I really got thinking. Obviously it cant be taken to literally because realistically I was never going to be the ballerina I set out to be at that age. At this age you are free to dream the impossible dreams and you are oblivious to the constraints and limitations that you are very aware of as a young adult. You are able to imagine a simple, perfect future and I think it is beneficial to take yourself back to that simplicity every now and then and see whether the journey you are now on aligns with the person you were at the most honest and simplest time of your life.

Obviously plans change and you change and you will most likely not be the same person you wanted to be all that time ago but how far have you gone from that innocent part of you and your past. Would they be happy with where the future is going and if not is that something grown up you is also unhappy with.

So close your eyes and visit 8 year old you and become that free human being and dream again even if just for a few minutes and see what they inspire you to change and where to take your journey next.

Tasha x

Obsession 29:

I have not left this website in for ages and it is officially my go to online retailer when i’m in the mood to treat myself. They have loads of incredible pieces and they are generally really good price tags. Since spring is on it’s way I have been online shopping for inspiration and a few new items for my spring/summer wardrobe. I have created this wishlist for when I finally save some money or they decide to be generous and have a sale.

1)missguided 5 Mint Lace Hem Shift Dress – This is super cute yet so simple and I just think this would be so cute dressed down with some simple flats whilst out and about with the sun streaming down.                    £28

missguided 42) Split Side Plunge Maxi Dress – This is so sophisticated yet the leg split and plunging neck line adds the fun aspect to this outfit. I am trying to create an event that would warrant me buying this as it is just too nice to wear on a simple night out.                    £45

missguided 13) Floral Skort Playsuit – This is one of my favourite types of outfits to buy as it is suitable to be dressed up for a night out and dressed down casually for a day out shopping. The print is bright and fun for spring/summer.                    £25

missguided 24) Paisley Playsuit – The look of this outfit is stunning and the fitting looks so flattering – whether it would on me as much as on the model is another thing. The print is gorgeous and it feels so unique to anything else I have seen.                    £30

missguided 35) Paisley Print Red Playsuit – Last but not least is this beautiful number. I fell in love as soon as I saw it and it has to be my favourite of all these outfits and therefore top of the list, number 1, most wanted on my wishlist. Paired with a floppy hat, sandals and a long chained handbag it just provides the perfect summer outfit. Its everything you want- it’s fun and bright, its flattering and versatile and I will not be happy until it is in my wardrobe.                     £25

Tasha x

OOTD: obsession 28…

High waisted jeans and crop tops.


I got these jeans new this weekend from new look after needing a new pair desperately. It took a while to find a pair that fit my body shape well which I found these high waisted ones to be be the best ones. I hate showing my stomach in crop tops but with the higher waist line, less skin is shown so I can finally wear this beautiful roll neck jumper and feel confident in it.

I loved wearing this look and felt confident in it, which is what you want in an outfit.

(Everything I have on is from new look even the bag and and coat I later paired it with. May need to find a few other shops… Oh well.)

The typical fangirl